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Review from Nate F.
Omaha, NE

Yon is the best at eyebrows hands down in the area. Anyone that says differently is delusional. Always profession and such a kind woman.

Review from Kate T.
Omaha, NE

If you want beautifully shaped eyebrows, Yon is your lady.

I got my eyebrows professionally done once, and I vowed never again. Why go to a professional when I can tweeze at home in my pajamas for basically free? Well, my sister would not stop waxing rhapsodic about Yon, so I figured I'd give her a try.

I scheduled my appointment by calling Yon. My sister warned me that Yon's office is sketchy and hard to find. She did not mention that Yon also wears a surgical mask and her office is lit like a subway bathroom.

I'm glad I persevered. Yon is an eyebrow savant, and she told me what was wrong with my eyebrows and how she would fix them. Being Asian, direct comments on my appearance were a regular part of my upbringing, so I wasn't phased by being chastised for having pointy man eyebrows. I am surprised so many other reviewers feel so positively towards Yon.

I guess others agree: Yon does an awesome job shaping eyebrows. She shaped my eyebrows to complement my face size and features (I have a small forehead, ok?). Yeah, I can tweeze at home, but I couldn't have created such a fitting, feminine shape. She was relatively thorough, filled in with pencil, and gave me some advice on where not to pluck.

If you want perfect eyebrows, go to Yon.

Review from Annie D.
Omaha, NE

If you are, like me, a perfectionist about your eyebrow shape, you want to come to Yon. She puts precision in customizing the shape of your eyebrows to your facial structure. I had a botched brow job done by another threading salon in Omaha, and Yon showed me where I need to re-grow and how thick my brows should be for my face shape. I like how she didn't try to give the standard one size fits all brow shape that a lot of brow technicians do (the over angular, thin arch). Definitely come here if you want customized brows.

Review from Jess O.
Cleveland, OH

This small place is a the treasure of Omaha!!! So lucky Yon opened such an amazing high quality beauty place. I got my eyebrows threaded a couple of times now and finally have perfect beautiful equal no issues everything I want eyebrows thanks to Yon's precision and talent!
Don't miss out. Its a treasure.

Review from Carol S.
Omaha, NE

I have been going to you for years.  I have tried the mall on a weekend when she was filled for the day, I will NEVER do the mall again.  Yon is the best I have used anywhere I have gone (I travel for business and have used other services in other states before finding Yon).  She has always been nothing but polite and sweet with a great sense of humor besides being the most gifted woman I have had the pleasure of visiting.  She educates on how to bring out the best in my features.  I will never visit anyone but Yon and make sure I get my appointment in before traveling.

Review from Katie S.
Valley, NE

Yon is absolutely fantastic! I went to her for my first time trying eyebrow threading and I will never go to anyone besides her. She was so nice and explained to me what my face shape was, what kind of brow shape would be best for me, and what threading is as well as what she would be doing. Such a great experience and amazing results!

Review from Gabi Z.
Omaha, NE

I had my eyebrows threaded for the first time last month, and it cost $15 for first-timers because it takes a little bit longer to do. She was very good and took her time. Highly recommend.

Review from Lee R.
Corona, CA

Love Yon she is AMAZING! ! I moved here from California and was so worried about my brows but im so glad I found Yon she knows how to shape them best for your face. She is just wonderful and shows you how to properly place your hands so they are even. This is now my permanent Eyebrow place  do try you will be fully satisfied.

Review from Monica C.
North Miami, FL

Oh goodness. Yon is really the best. If I move, I wish I could pack her up and take her with me! I've been getting my eyebrows threaded for over 10 years now (off and on depending where I am living) and she is by far the best and most thoughtful eyebrow artist. Artist? Yes. She really takes her craft seriously, and it will show (on your face!). I recently got my eyebrows kind of botched by a waxing a few weeks ago, and after a friendly scolding about going back and forth between threading and waxing, she fixed as much as possible, filled in the parts that were botched, and told me to NOT TOUCH :). She's really fantastic and makes each client feel very special. She takes attention to every detail of your face. It's usually $15 for a shaping/fix and $10 for just an easy clean up.

Updated Review from Jillian R.
Omaha, NE

I've been going to Yon for 3+ years now.  She is incredibly talented, welcoming, and does not charge a fortune to shape & thread your brows.  I HIGHLY recommend going to Yon.  After I moved to Omaha from Chicago, I thought I was going to be in trouble when it came to my brows.  I was so relieved when I found Yon, she is awesome.  She cracks me up too b/c she is very straight-forward about what I need to do to get my brows back in good condition, (stop over-plucking them between threads lol!).  She will tell you how it is and then help you work toward your eyebrow goals, (sounds ridiculous, but crappy eyebrows can really screw up the look of someone's appearance!).
Yon also works around my schedule.  She can usually squeeze me on the day I call her whenever I have time.  Just do not be late to your appointment because she is usually very booked up.
My little cousin goes to Yon now too after her skin kept breaking out from waxing.  Threading is much better for sensitive skin.
Go to Yon, you will not regret it.  FYI -She only charges $12 for brows so I always give her $15 since she is so inexpensive.

Review from E.L.
Omaha, NE

Amazing.  I decided to see Yon after a year of seeing an eyebrow specialist.  The eyebrow specialist was expensive every 5 weeks and I wasn't truly happy with the results.  Also, my sensitive skin did not handle waxing well and would be red and swollen for most of the day.  Yon showed me the areas where waxing had damaged my skin and instructed me on what areas my brows needed to grow in.  Very helpful and informative.  She expertly threaded my eyebrows and the feeling was much more pleasant than waxing.  When she was finished, my eyebrows looked better than they ever have and very little redness.  The redness was gone in approximately 15 minutes. I will definitely be returning to see Yon. Overall, excellent service, less painful than waxing, and the price ($12) can't be beat.

Review from Madison G.
Manhattan, NY

Yon is awesome! She really knows what she is doing and even took the time to teach me what I should ask for in regards to shaping when I get my brows threaded in NYC. Very nice, responsive by phone and reasonable prices! Recommending her to my mom and sister.

Review from Chebator C.
Los Angeles, CA

So, I am a travel nurse and it is very difficult to find a quality threader who doesn't make my eyebrows too thin. I went to Yon because she had great reviews. I will continue to go to Yon because she is Awesome! She not only fixed the job that the last person messed up on, she took the time to pencil in areas which needed to grow back (part of the last gals mess up) I recommend Beauty By Yon to someone who had been getting there brows done for years, or the first timer. You will Not be disappointed !

Review from Rachel O.
Omaha, NE

Yon is amazing! She does not just thread your eyebrows; she looks at your face and advises on the best shape to bring out your facial features. I went in with poorly arched eyebrows and she has shaped them into clean and sexy lines that compliment my face look MUCH better. Start threading early so you don't damage your hair follicles with tweezers like I did!!!

Review from KR B.
Omaha, NE

I started seeing Yon when I moved here from the west coast in 2009. I had been getting my eyebrows threaded there for several years, and worried about finding someone in Omaha. I shouldn't have worried-Yon is better by far than anybody I saw out West! I told her I didn't want my eyebrows too thin-it seemed like the trend was to have these extremely thin brows that don't work for my face shape. She totally understood, and enhanced my brows natural shape. I sometimes let it get too long between threading appointments due to being busy, but she always manages to make me look stellar in under 15 minutes. PLUS, she ALWAYS fits me in the day I call. I have never known her to not get me in. Worth a trip!

Review from Denise P.
Wisner, NE

Yon is a great eyebrow shaper and fast and efficient threader.  When I first went to her my eyebrows were so thin, and had no shape.  She showed me where to let them continue to grow and where she would shape them she's awesome.  I've been to multiple threading places from California, to Colorado, Chicago, she has been the best at shaping and getting it done clean and fast.   I have expericed some really slow and painful threaders but she is by far the best.    I drive 2 hrs to go to her because I don't want to mess up my brows.  She is well worth the drive to have the service and be satisfied with her work.  

Thanks Yon:)

Review from Akanksha
Omaha, NE

Absolutely love this place and love Yon!

Review from
J. M.
Omaha, NE

I look forward to getting my brows done every month by Yon! She is super friendly and can be quite funny at times. For me the personality of the person doing my beauty upkeep is just as important as their skills. Speaking of which, Yon is excellent at shaping/reshaping brows. I have been going to her for about 2 years now and would not trust anyone else.

Make sure you call ahead and make an appointment. She prefers when people call with a time in mind and can usually fit you in. She does her best to make just about any time work and I've even had her call me back if there was a cancellation for the time I originally asked for if it was previously booked.

Review from
Donna M.
Omaha, NE

I do travel around and have given up on waxing. What I love about beauty by yon is that I get better than Chicago and San Francisco quality at a Nebraska price. I have given all the Omaha salons that offer threading a try and will continue to only use yon. She is a very sweet woman and pays meticulous attention to what I want as well as explaining what she will be doing for me. She is in a smaller shop that is not visible from the street but it is a nice relaxed atmosphere and she always has nice things to say. Anymore before traveling I visit Yon instead of finding someplace in the city I go to get my brows done since others simply don't compare to what she does.

Review from Katlin M.
Omaha, NE

I have been going to yon for a little over two years now and have never been disappointed. I did try the mall ... never again, those people at the mall don't listen to what I tell them, they just randmly chop off what ever they feel like and have no concept of how to design eyebrows like yon does. yon always is friendly and takes time to listen to what I want. I went someplace else once and learnd my lesson, I dont plan on changing again. Her shop is not on the street but it is a nice quiet atmosphere I enjoy.

Review from Shannon Z.
Loveland, CO

Her tiny little hole in the basement "studio" is not fancy at all and pretty uncomfortable, and at times she rushes. But LET ME TELL YOU! She is really something. I started going for threading because I was getting lip discoloration, and my eyebrows and lip have never looked better. She is SO FAST you'll be amazed how amazing she does. VERYYYY reasonable prices. Highly recommend.

Review from Kelly C.
Marengo, IA

The best $12 you will ever spend. Amazing quality, and super fast. I had been searching for the perfect eyebrow 'artist' and this is it.

Review from A W.
Omaha, NE

I have been coming to Yon for about a year and a half and cant imagine ever going to any one else. Most certainly will never wax again. Hours and location are convenient, pricing is affordable enough that you can go as often as necessary. Excellent service and charming personality.

Review from Natalie B.
Omaha, NE

She shaped my eyebrows perfectly!

Review from Jillian R.
Omaha, NE

I was introduced to threading when I lived in downtown Chicago for 7 years. When I moved back to Omaha I was nervous about finding someone with threading skills. After I series of unfortunate waxes, I (thankfully!) found Yon on Yelp.

Yon is by far THE MOST SKILLED BROW THREADER I've ever visited, (and I've visited a lot in my day!). I am beyond particular about my brows and never thought I'd find someone to shape and trim them the way I've always wanted, but couldn't do myself....until I met Yon. I actually had a nightmare last week that someone else, (other than Yon), waxed my brows and totally screwed them up. If I ever relocate from Omaha again I'm going to have to come back every 3 weeks so she can do my brows. She is amazing!!! I am serious, give up your waxing person and come to Yon. You will not regret it. She makes your brows look full and natural and just the perfect shape for your face. And her prices are amazing - I always want to tip her huge because I feel she is underpriced but she never lets me, the poor thing! She's not only talented but so sweet too. I highly recommend Yon.

Review from Sara S.
Omaha, NE

I know most people go in for brows, but let me tell you that it doesn't have to stop there! I am blonde and not especially hairy - but I get an annoying amount of "peach fuzz" on the sides of my face. I'd read that the new "in" thing in Hollywood was full-face threading paired with airbrush makeup for a super flawless look. Since I do airbrush makeup, I decided to try to full-face threading to see if it was something I could recommend to my clients. Can and do! My face felt so amazing and my makeup has never applied better. Even regular foundation goes on better. Waxing makes me break out but after my session with Yon I felt like I'd had an expensive spa facial.

Review from J T.
Bellevue, NE

I was so happy to see my re-modeling eyebrow! She advised me which eye pencil color is match with my eyebrow also. Must call for appointment because she is busy and do not want you waist your time. Overall excellent place and highly recommended!


Review from Rachel H.
 Omaha , NE

Great service and super cheap!! Will now only go to Yon!!


Review from Sabrina D.
Omaha , NE

Wow , wow, wow, I can't say anything else than just wow. She saved my eyebrow from a disaster that was created by a so-called specialist at Beverly Hills Plaza , Omaha , dodge and 84th I believe. The old lady claimed to have several years of experience but she ruined my eyebrow, which had perfect shape , and all I asked for just to clean it up without touching. After one month of a search, I found Mrs. Yon's beauty salon and paid her a visit today. Btw, it is my B-Day and nothing could be more rewarding than getting your beautiful eyebrows back . She mastered it in 15-20 min. I was shocked , she's an artist , it feels like she draws the shape that is desired, just tell her what u want , no exaggeration. At the end , I almost cried cause I looked beautiful. U can't even imagine ladies how do eyebrows change ur face. Strongly recommend her , no regrets


Review from J C.
Lincoln , NE

I had to write a review here as I was so impressed with my eyebrows after going to Yon. Sometimes when reviews are so glowing it makes you go hmmmm, but Yon definitely lives up to her raves and more. My eyebrows look awesome. I am very fair and have sensitive skin so I have always been afraid to wax. Even plucking leaves me red for days but this I was only a little pink for a couple of hours. I also have been very neglectful of my eyebrows lately as Yon said "very, very bushy", but she whacked through them in no time and I swear I look years younger. Yon is also super sweet and very funny! As other reviewers have said her business is in the basement of a large office building and seems a little strange at first. Again, I can't say enough about the job she did. I am a threading convert and I will be going back regularly now.


Review from Tammie P.
Omaha, NE

Very pleased with the job that Yon did. She took the time to fix the mistakes that waxing had done to the arch of my brow. I will definitely be back monthly to see her.


Review from Allison R.
Omaha, NE

I've started threading my eyebrows within the past year, and I'm hooked. I used to wax and pluck, but ultimately I was left with scars, ingrown hairs, and ugly rashes. Threading is all about skill, and Yon clearly is top of her class.

Her studio is in the basement of an office complex, not quite 'posh,' kind of like sitting in someone's living room (Judge Judy was even on in the background). First thing she does is examine your face and profile -- analyzing your facial structure and what eyebrow would look best on you. She immediately identified certain areas that needed a little improvement. She then goes to work with her thread and tweezers. At the end of the experience, she took out her eyebrow pencil and drew areas that she wanted me to grow out to to "remodel" my brows.

I was impressed. Not only did she cost less than most waxing salons, but she really brought skill to the table. I'm excited to visit next time after I've let certain areas grow back in.


Review from Daniela A.
Omaha , NE

Yon is great! I have done eyebrow threading before and honestly she is the best at it. I don't have the greatest eyebrows and really was in need of some help. While she was doing the eyebrow threading, she was telling me what I needed to do for my face shape and how to maintain them on my own.
Her 'salon' is in the basement of an office building, so when I walked in there I did not know what to expect, but I was pleasently surprised. She was very professional and affordable. I will definitely be going back and would recommend her.


Review from Jia U.
Huntington Beach, CA

I was new in Omaha and didnt know where to find someone who would do a good job on my eyebrows. Im extremely picky about the shape of my eyebrows and hardly ever satisfied. I met yon about 7 months back and i have to say this, shes an excellent professional, an amazing person and she is absolutely a delight to go to. She will take her time and make sure u leave satisfied. I love her! i would recommend her to anyone who is willing to eyebrow threading a try. Ive tried other threading places in omaha ...I wont mention any names but all i have to say is...yon is by far the best ut of every single one of them.


Review from Sara M.
Omaha, NE

When I first found Yon's page on her website, I was extremely excited to FINALLY find someone that did eyebrow threading in Omaha . I went to visit her and at first it seemed a little sketchy with her office in the basement of an office building but she is extremely sanitary and very good at her job! She examines your face and takes her time shaping your eyebrows to give you a beautiful frame. When I say "takes her time," I don't mean that it is a painful and slow process...instead it gives very minimal pain (in my opinion much less than waxing or plucking). As soon as I finished my appointment, I shot off an email to all my friends recommending her! The price for threading is a little more expensive than i'm used to in chicago ($12 omaha vs. $8 chicago )...but given the lack of competition and the high rates from other salons for just waxing, the cost is understandable. I have gone back multiple times and I'm glad I found her!


Review from Bev T.
Elkhorn, NE

Incredible talent. I am the opposite of other two reviewers in that I had badly neglected brows - think Old Man and the Sea eyebrows with large splotches of gray. Even worse, since I am a woman. She worked an absolute miracle and took at least 7 years off my age within 15 minutes! Yon talks to you before, throughout the process, and after so it takes longer than 15 minutes because of her incredible thoroughness. I've had 3 waxes of my brows over course of many years and none ever approached this incredible difference made by threading instead. Your skin fares so much better with this. Among items discussed she taught me that when necessary to trim an extra long errant brow hair it must be cut at a beveled angle to avoid it sticking out "like a porcupine" in her words. She is a very nice, endearing person.
She also performs permanent make-up implantation which she explains in a very professional knowledgeable manner. I've always had a bias against permanent makeup but now that the bloom is off the rose not so much. When I asked further about it she used wash off lip liner to show how she would approach lining and filling in color of my lips to make them appear fuller. Oh my goodness, what she can do with soft natural color looks amazing! Of course, if you have young full lips already it may not be as dramatic but the color always being there and professionally applied would be great. Will definitely be going back to get this done.
Last but not least I asked about a subtle permanent eyeliner and she did an example of this also. My eyes looked fantastic with the eyebrow shaping and then the eyeliner.
Yon is a diamond find in Omaha !


Review from charlene c.
Omaha , NE

I've had my eyebrows waxed at MANY places! I'm very picky about my eyebrows, probably more than my hair. I always explain what I want and even bring in photos. They always act like they understand, then give me a standard wax that they have probably been doing for everyone. I was feeling hopeless about finding someone. Then, I met Yon. Yon does eyebrow threading and she does an excellent job! She told and SHOWED me what she thought would look best based off of what I told her I wanted. It was definitely customized for my face. The cost is about the same as an eyebrow wax at a salon ($12). However, she is a meticulous threader and takes her time. So it is well worth the money. Also, I think waxing hurts significantly more than threading (which really just feels weird more than anything). She can be contacted via email or phone, quick with responses, and super sweet!


Review from Erin K.
Mystic, CT

Let me start out with the fact that I am EXTREMELY picky about my eyebrows. Yon is wonderful. She does eyebrow threading, which is much better for your skin than waxing. My eyebrows look just as good, if not better than the $55 brow shapings I used to get from one of Chicago 's top brow places.

Yon only charges $10 for brows so it is a great deal as well. Definitely worth a trip. If you are still doing waxing, threading is a good alternative to help save your skin!

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